Cosmetic Tattoo Pigments

Cosmetic Tattooing is the art of performing treatments on the face or body to fulfill  the clients needs. As a Cosmetic Tattooist and Trainer, I have researched the subject of pigments for many years. Cosmetic tattoo or Permanent Make up Tattooing is an art form.

The more knowledge we have about colour and skintone that we can research, concerning the pigments we use ..the better the results for the client. I like to use two different companies for certain reasons. My choices for Tattooing varies depending which section of the face or body I am treating - this will determine the pigment I will use. Lip Tattoo pigments I love to use are very tried and true. APermanent Solution Cosmetic Tattoo pigments tick all the boxes. I have given a review for all of them that we stock.

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